Lovol Engines Pakistan

141 kWm 1500 rev/min
155.1 kWm 1800 rev/min



■ Dependable Power

Lovol newly developed G-drive diesel  engines of 1100 series provide better reliability and bigger power output, by adopting four-valve technology and strengthened major and moving
components, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod and so on. 1106C-P6TAG3 engine provides greater productivity through an improved power to weight ratio. Without pre-heater device, engines can be normally started at the temperature of -1o·c: With pre-heater device,
engines can be normally started at the  temperature of -3o·c: Engine also has been designed with -40″C starting aid for excellent load acceptance to ensure your facility is powered quickly at all conditions. The maximum working environmental temperature for the engine is 55’C.

■ Low Operating Costs

Service intervals are set at 300 hours as standard. The most competitive warranty policy is also provided.

■ Flexibility

The 1100 series has been designed to hit all the main power nodes, perfect for rental business or to help reduce your engine inventory

■ Professional Product Support

Through an experienced global network of distributors and dealers, fully trained engine experts deliver total service support and dedicate to maximizing the productivity of your engine.

Standard Specification


Air filter, turbocharger+intercooler

Fuel system

In-line pump +GAC governor
Spin-on full flow fuel filters

Lubrication system

Flat bottomed aluminum sump
Spin-on full flow oil filter

Cooling system

Thermostat controlled cooling system with gear driven water pump
680mm belt-driven pusher fan
Radiator assy. (including air-air intercooler, tubes and fin)

Electrical system

12 volt starter motor and alternator
Oil pressure and water temperature switch & sensor
12 volt shut down solenoid

Flywheel and housing

High inertia flywheel
SAE 3 or SAE2 flywheel housing


Front engine mounting bracket

Optional Equipment

24 volt alternator
24 volt starter motor
Rear engine mountings
Workshop manual


General Data      

Cylinder number                                    6 in-line
Cylinder arrangement                           Vertical, in-line
Borexstroke                                             100 mmx127 mm
Displacement                                          5.99 liters
Induction                                                 Turbocharged and intercooled
Cycle                                                         4-stroke
Combustion system                               Direct injection
Compression ratio                                  17.5: 1
Direction of Rotation                             Clockwise viewed from fan
Lub. System Capacity                             19.3 liters
Coolant capacity(inc. radiator)             36.3 liters
Length                                                      1803 mm
Width                                                        911 mm
Height                                                      1234 mm
net weight                                                800 kg

NOTE: Final weight and dimensions will depend on final specification.