Lovol Engines Pakistan

28 kWm 1500 rev/min
30 kWm 1800 rev/min

■ High Power Density

Power output and torque per liter are superior to normal level with optimized structure strengthening.

■ Low Fuel Consumption

The excellent combustion system can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise, meanwhile increase engine power output.

■ Easy Maintenance

All routine service items are situated on the right hand side of engine allowing easy maintenance and minimum machine downtime.

■ Durability & Reliability

Start normally at -1 o·c without preheated device, start smoothly at -25 °C through flame glow plug cold start aid. Maximum cooling efficiency is provided by a gear driven water pump and independent fan drive. Leak free operation is ensured by Viton crankshaft seals and sophisticated controlled swell joints, giving protection in the toughest conditions.



Standard Specification

Air inlet

Mounted air filter

Fuel system

In-line fuel injection pump
Spin-on full flow fuel filter and pre-filter

Lubrication system

Flat bottomed aluminum sump
Spin-on full flow oil filter
Oil cooler

Cooling system

Thermostat controlled cooling system
with gear driven water pump
20″belt-driven pusher fan and guards

Electrical system

12 volt starter motor and alternator
Oil pressure and water temperature
switch & sensor
12 volt shut down solenoid

Flywheel and housing

High inertia flywheel, size : 10/11112
SAE3 flywheel housing


Front engine mounting bracket

Optional Equipment

24 volt alternator
24 volt starter motor

General Data      

Cylinder number                                    3
Cylinder arrangement                           Vertical, in-line
Borexstroke                                             100 mmx127 mm
Displacement                                          2.99 liters
Induction                                                 Naturally aspirated
Cycle                                                         4-stroke
Combustion system                               Direct injection
Compression ratio                                  16.5: 1
Direction of Rotation                             Clockwise viewed from fan
Lub. System Capacity                             8.1 liters
Coolant capacity(inc. radiator)             15.9 liters
Length                                                       1186 mm
Width                                                        688 mm
Height                                                       940 mm
net weight                                                410 kg

NOTE: Final weight and dimensions will depend on final specification.