2200 Series 2206A-E13TAG2

349 kWm @ 1500 rpm

The 2200 Series engine has been developed using the latest engineeringtechniques and builds on the strengths of the already very successful 2000 Series family and addresses today’s uncompromising demands within the power generation industry. Developed from a proven heavy-duty industrial base, these products offer superior performance and reliability.

The 2206A-E13TAG range are 6 cylinder, turbocharged air-to-air chargecooled diesel engines. It’s premium features provide exceptional power to weight ratio resulting in exceptional fuel consumption.

The overall performance and reliability characteristics make this the prime choice for today’s power generation industry.

Emissions statement

Certified against the requirements of EU 2007 (EU 97/68/EC Stage II) legislation for non-road mobile machinery, powered by constant speed engines.

Features and benefits

Economic power

  • Mechanically operated unit fuel injectors with electronic control combined with carefully matched turbocharging,
    give excellent fuel atomisation and combustion with optimum economy
  • Low emissions result from electronic control of fuel injected


Reliable power

  • Developed and tested using the latest engineering techniques and finite element analysis for high reliability, low oil
    usage and low wear rates
  • High compression ratios ensure clean rapid starting in all conditions
  • Perkins global product support is designed to enhance the customer experience of owning a Perkins powered
    machine. We deliver this through the quality of our distribution network, extensive global coverage and a range of
    Perkins supported OEM partnership options. So whether you are an end-user or an equipment manufacturer our
    engine expertise is essential to your success

Compact, clean and efficient power

  • Exceptional power to weight ratio and compact size give optimum power density for ease of installation and more
    cost effective transportation
  • Designed to provide excellent service access for ease of maintenance
  • Warranties and Service Contracts
    12 months unlimited warranty with 24 months on Major items. For low use applications <500 hours per year


This engine does not comply to Harmonized International Regulated Emissions Limits

Technical information

Air inlet system

  • Mounted air filter 

Fuel system 

  • Mechanically actuated electronically controlled unit fuel injectors with full authority electronic control
  • Governing to ISO 8528-5 class G2 with isochronous capability
  • Replaceable ‘Ecoplus’ fuel filter elements with primary filter/water separator
  • Fuel cooler

Lubrication system

  • Wet full aluminium sump with filler and dipstick
  • Full-flow replaceable ‘Ecoplus’ filter
  • Oil cooler integral with filter header

Cooling system

  • Gear-driven circulating pump
  • Mounted belt driven pusher fan
  • Radiator incorporating air-to-air charge cooler, (supplied loose)
  • System designed for ambients up to 50ºC

Electrical equipment

  • 24 volt starter motor and 24 volt 70 amp alternator with DC output
  • ECM mounted on engine with wiring looms and sensors
  • ECM mounted on engine with wiring looms and sensors

Flywheel and housing

  • High inertia flywheel to SAE J620 size 14
  • Aluminium SAE 1 flywheel housing


  • Front engine mounting bracket


  • User’s Handbook and Parts Manual

Optional equipment

  • 110 volt/240 volt immersion heater
  • Additional speed sensor
  • Temperature and pressure sensors for gauges
  • Air filter rain hood
  • Twin starters/facility for second starter
  • Tool kit

The above ratings represent the engine performance capabilities to conditions specified in ISO 8528/1, ISO 3046/1:1986, BS 5514/1. Derating may be required for conditions outside these; consult Perkins Engines Company Limited.
Generator powers are typical and are based on an average alternator efficiency and a power factor (cos. θ) of 0.8. Fuel specification: BS 2869:Part 2 1998 Class A2 or ASTM D975 D2. Lubricating oil: 15W40 to API CI4.
Rating definitions
Prime power:
Variable load. Unlimited hours usage with an average load factor of 80% of the published prime power over each 24 hour period. A 10% overload is available for 1 hour in every 12 hours of operation.
Standby power: Variable load. Limited to 500 hours annual usage, up to 300 hours of which may be continuous running. No overload is permitted.